WELCOME ~ Little John Behan, or LJ as friends call him, has offered words of encouragement and inspiration on his facebook page to friends across the globe for the past 5 years. This unique gathering of people represents different races, religions, political parties, and schools of spiritual thought. What attracts them there, initially, may be a post from Little John. But what keeps them returning is as one person wrote, "the unconditional love" they feel there which comes as a result of good people putting their differences aside, for just a minute or two, to recognize our common humanity. You are cordially invited to be a part of this ongoing dialogue with "The Ambassador of Gratitude" and friends. At this time, this is still a ‘Friend’ page, belonging personally to LJ. Although Facebook tries to discourage sending 'friend requests' to people they don't know, on this page, they are always welcome and never reported negatively.  
LJ is contributing author of the international Amazon Best-Seller, Unwavering Strength. He has written many freelance articles for publications both local and national, primarily on the subject of Gratitude and the well-being of older adults.
Little John - The Writer