"Little John lights up a room and brings people of all ages a great message --- you are invaluable!"
~ Lynne Jarmin Johnson - West Michigan radio talk show host and marketing expert extraordinaire.
"If you are involved with older adults in any type of business or setting, what LJ does goes beyond any expectation I could have imagined. His compassion and true appreciation for what our older adults do is immeasurable. He inspires and reflects a heart of gratitude for our rich and under appreciated natural resources. You can not put what he does in a single sentence because you can not fully appreciate how he touches hearts and souls. A servant indeed and worth an organization's time to bring Little John to your next meeting or gathering."
~ Rich Zeck - Director, Senior Companion Program, Grand Rapids, MI 
"I have had the pleasure of working with Little John on many different projects. He has been the talent in quite a few television commercials for my client and has appeared at numerous events, promotions and radio shows. He is talented and professional, and committed to everything he works on."
~ Gayle Harris - Harris Media Direct, Grand Rapids, MI
Little John has been speaking across the State of Michigan, both live and on broadcast radio stations for over 10 years. His involvement in assorted charities and commissions have led him to speak about a wide variety of subjects, from marketing to senior well-being. Today, the majority of his message revolves around "How to learn a lifestyle of gratitude', and also as a tool for well-being in the lives of senior citizens. He has a very inventive approach to communicating the power of the practice of gratitude, and has used both his spoken and musical voice to communicate it to thousands.

LJ makes himself available as a speaker to many different size groups, and donates much of his time to non-profit organizations. If your group would like to invite LJ to speak at your event or meeting one day, CLICK HERE to  inquire.
"With Little John, every day is Senior Appreciation Day! Little John is the best Senior Advocate and his message of positivity is inspiring."
~ Becky Beets - Director, Senior Companions Program, Newago, MI

Little John - the Public Speaker
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